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Making trust non negotiable

Privacy and Confidentiality should be the fundamental principles of written communication. Today the popular technologies allow corporations and governments to exploit our personal information.

Mailio created a decentralized platform which acts as a barrier to collusion and enforces privacy and trust.


Secure elliptic-curve cryptography is providing end-to-end encryption to ensure privacy and confidentiality


Trust your inbox. Email delivery enforced by smart contracts between sender and recipient based on mutual trust


Email abuse, spam and scan prevention by strict assignment or denial of incoming messages from trusted and untrusted sources


The easiest way to store, send and exchange cryptocurrency


Beautiful design for simplicity and work efficiency, tailored for web, desktop and mobile experiences


Multi level online identity from anonymity to government issued certificates

MAI Token

MAI token economy incentivizes email delivery, storage, payments and identity management. The model is built upon a generalized service provision named swap, swear and swindle while optimizing associated cost.

MAI Nodes

Anyone can participate in distribution of essential components of Mailio decentralized system. Participation is compensated with MAI tokens and managed by smart contract rules.

MAI Smart Wallet

MAI Smart Wallet is a multi-currency crypto and identity wallet with an integrated cryptocurrency exchange gateway. Users private keys are stored on users devices within Hierarchical Deterministic Wallet (BIP44).

MAI Delivery

Marketing automation, analytics and referral programs for organizations. Achieving better delivery rates and lowering the cost of email reputation management.

MAI Domains

Cost, ease of use and low administrative overhead are primary drivers of hosted email domains. We address privacy and security at its core.

MAI Storage

We strive to provide sufficient storage for our users. More space is available for users and business by MAI tokens.


Focusing on developers, we provide interoperability through simple RESTful API interfaces for secure email delivery.


We're working on this as we speak.

  • September 2017

    Development of Mailio Business Platform (MAI Delivery)

  • March 2018

    Core team and ICO preparation

  • September 2018

    Mailio Minimum Viable Product with Distributed Delivery Platform and Web client

  • October 2018

    Release to first business partners and first batch of users who reserved their email address

  • April 2019

    Release of Mailio PLUS with easy and trusted user acquisition

  • May 2019 and on

    B2B partnership growth, B2C growth and global expansion

    Mailio to become a "go-to" email platform for trusted and secure email communication


An extraordinary team of seasoned developers, security professionals, designers, and executives with a passion for perfection and execution.

Igor Rendulic

Igor Rendulič

Founder and CEO

Igor has been working in startup world for the most of his professional life.

Janez Banic

Janez Banič


Janez is experienced senior software architect with more than 10 years of experience.

Denis Benic

Denis Benič

Chief Strategist

Denis brings over 15 years of executive experience, as a Founder, CEO, and CTO of companies spanning three continents as Ink, Printbox, and LiveCLIQ.

Luka Kanduc

Luka Kanduč

Security expert and system engineer

Luka is a leading cybersecurity expert with many theoretical and practical experiences.

Ino Murko

Ino Murko

Lead developer

Ino is experienced working on truly scalable solutions in banking and mobile payment systems.        

Ivan Popovic

Ivan Popovič


Ivans expertees are derrived from development of platforms for largest insurance companies in the EU region.

Marcin Zduniak

Marcin Zduniak

Blockchain Architect

Marcins technical background is in blockchain technologies as Ethereum and Corda and highly concurrent systems

Miha Ozimek

Miha Ozimek

Security Auditor

Miha has specialized in the field of Information Security. His specialization covers Quality and Information Security Management Standards.

Andrej Rakar

Andrej Rakar

Senior security expert

Andrej obtained a PhD in electrical engineering at Jožef Stefan Institute. He is involved in performing most demanding security assessments and information system security design raging from telecommunications to banks.

Branko Milicevic

Branko Miličevič

Information Security Specialist

Branko is information security specialist with a strong technical background experienced in penetration testing and digital forensics.

Edin Rustemagic

Edvin Rustemagić

Information Security Specialist

Edvin has received a Masters in Information Security in 2014 at Royal Holloway, University of London. He has extensive international experience in Information Security Assessment and Penetration Testing.

Andrej Gornik

Andrej Gornik

Security and network expert

Andrej has more than 10 years of experiences in the field of IT security, web development, administration of Windows and Linux systems, networks, VoIP and virtualization.